Each tablet contains:Folic Acid 5 mg.

VITAFOL appears to be the treatment of choice in megaloblastic anaemias such as those of postgastrectomy or other gastrointestinal surgery, sprue, ideopathic
steatorrhea, pregnancy, infancy, and nutritional deficiency.
It is therapeutically effective in various megaloblastic macrocytic anaemias , except that in pernicious anaemia it corrects only the anaemia but does not prevent or
alleviate the neurological deterioration that may accompany the disorder.
Folic acid usually cannot maintain the favourable hematologic response in pernicious anaemia unless vitamin B12 is given simultaneously.

- The usual range of dose of VITAFOL is 1-3 tablets or as directed by the physician.
- Megaloblastic anaemia :
It is recommended that VITAFOL is given by mouth in an Initial dosage of 10 to 20 mg daily for 14 days.
- Children may be given 5 to 15 mg daily according to the severity of the deficiency state.

Vitafol is available in the following pack size:
VITAFOL - Folic acid - 5mg - 100 tablets.